Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thor and the Warriors Three

I just got my comp copies of the new, FULL SIZE Thor: The Mighty Avenger trade that will be out next month and was inspired to revisit these guys.  I've probably said this a million times by now, but I am most proud of my work on Thor: The Mighty Avenger.  It was truly something special to work on.

If you are new to my work, or only know me through Daredevil or Captain America or these blog sketches, I hope you'll pick this trade up.  It is FULL SIZE (not digest size) and has all eight issues, plus the Free Comic Book Day issue and other back matter like character designs and covers included.


Mike Lynch said...

Has your Ultimate Spider-Man work been collected yet?

Benny said...

Loved T:TMA! I'm glad this has finally been collected full-size. Perhaps there's a chance to see an Artist's Edition version?

Tara C said...

Eager to collect this. It's pretty much my very favorite thing...ever.