Tuesday, October 23, 2007

10 min: Hellboy

Time ran out way too fast on this one... If I had a few more minutes I'd have added maybe some yellow highlights on his face and coat to give a sense that sunlight is shining through the tree branches above. You kind of get a hint of leaves with the shadows, but you've got to work too hard to figure it out, since I didn't use my time very well here.
Always fun to draw HB though.


laura said...

It's great to see you get so loose! Love it!

nickmain said...

Hey Chris. These 10-minute sketches are blowing me away. Its actually nice to hear you ran out of time. It takes me ten minutes to sharpen my pencil.

Doctor Fantastic said...

Great job, Chris. . . it kinda reminds me of some scenery in the excellent French comic "The Killer". . . I'm pretty sure the artist on that series uses Photoshop to get his leafy textures, though.