Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's That Time Again...

I'm now taking early requests for sketches for folks that are attending Planet Comicon in Kansas City April 5th and 6th.
Con sketches are 9x12, single character in black and white on bristol board for $40 or $60 for two characters.
You can see quite a few examples in the archives here or check out Comicartfans.

I’m also accepting a limited number of commissions on a first come, first paid, first served basis.
Commissions are 11x17, one to two characters in black and white on Bristol for $160 (this includes shipping). Each additional character will cost extra.
Turnaround time on commissions should be pretty quick.

If you are interested in either, please drop me a line. My email address is on my profile page.


Alan said...

Just trawled through the comicfans site examples of your con-sketches. Wow, Is there nothing you can't turn your hand to at a moments notice; consistently great rendering and poses/compositions. Do you ever have to find a comic for ref. How many of these do you do a day, how long do they take? I had several favourites: one being an outstanding drawing of Rocket Man in full flight, that may be even better than the amazing version you posted here recently. Also The Midnighter knocking Batman's block off - literally, heheh. Anyway, just thought I'd say.

Alan said...

Annnnd by Rocket Man I meant Dave Stevens' The Rocketeer...

Seth said...

What if I send you some ref now & ask you to do something with it at the show?

I know, that's cheating :)

Anonymous said...

Do you do quick sketches for a reduced price?

Chris Samnee said...

Thanks, Alan. A lot of characters I can draw from memory but there are time I need ref for costumes or if I'm not familiar with the character. I'll do as many as possible at the show depending on how busy I am, they generally take between 30 and 45 minutes, give or take. Yeah, Rocketeer. Dave Stevens's Rocketeer.

Seth, drop me a line. I'm confused here.

Oh Anonymous, you're shameless. A kids gotta eat ya know.