Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Savage Dragon

How 'bout a little marker sketch of Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon on this hump day?
The sketch is little... Dragon is obviously not.


Seth said...

Love the expression!
What color green is that?

Alan said...

Yeah, good expression. I've seen some pages of yours online, and you have a knack for subtle faces (dare I say, unlike some other fan faves, like David Finch, whose panel-to-panel faces are pretty samey). Nicely drawn arm too.
BTW, just been finding pics of your covers for Queen and Country (not available in stores here in Oxford UK) on Amazon. Really excellent cover designs. Stylish.
Any chance of seeing panels for this Daredevil Annual you mention, or is that not allowed. Or a Daredevil sketch. I can just see you nailing the costume and deep shadows.

Chris Samnee said...

Thanks guys:)
Seth, that'd be Prismacolor Apple Green.
Alan, I'm not sure exactly what I'm allowed to show, but I'll get something up here as soon as I'm in the know. If you look through the archived posts there are several drawings of ol' horn head I've done.