Monday, March 17, 2008

Stroll down memory lane with the S&M executioner

Since we had such a good time with my last stroll down memory lane, here's another doodle of a character I created when I was but a wee pup.

Again, the name escapes me, so we'll just go with what Laura called "the S&M executioner" when she saw it sitting in a pile on my office floor. I think that's honestly probably a better name than what I had come up with.

Like most other kids I tended to blatantly rip off things from comics I liked at the time... and from the look of this guy's mask, I think I was reading the old Black Hood series at.

Oh, and the odd aesthetic choice with all the screws, you can chalk up to me thinking everything looked cooler with giant screws:)

Happy St. Pat's Day, kiddies! If you are lookin' for green, you'll need to scroll down to the post with the Savage Dragon.


Seth said...

Giant screws are better than too many pouches & bandeleros!
And forget the Executioner- I wanna know about the magical penguin fluttering around like Kazoo from Flintstones!!

Anonymous said...

But giant screws do look cool!

Alan said...

For a minute there I thought the name was one you came up with as a kid too. Was thinking, woah precocious kid!
Nice Saturday Morning cartoon feel to this drawing (not the name)

Chris Samnee said...

Hmmm. Honestly Seth, the penguin is a mystery to me. Sometimes after a really long day at the drawing board crap that that just ends up on the paper. That's how I know when to go to bed.

Yeah Luke, some big screws can be cool... but I think more than three is just too much flair.

That would have been a weird name, but I was a pretty weird kid.
Man, I wish I could remember what this guy's name was. Maybe I'll have to go dig out all of those old sketchbooks from my parents basement.