Friday, May 02, 2008

Daredevil Week: Friday

Here's the DD drawing I just finished to be auctioned off at the Oconcocon charity event this weekend, with proceeds going to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.


Alan said...

Wow! You rounded off the week with a doozie! This image is fantastic: the pose, the inkwork - brillant. Looking forward to the annual.

Fred said...

Stunning piece. Wish I lived closer and could put in a bid!

JMRinguet said...

Nice work, I really dig it. Simple and understated with a real 'noir' edge that suits Daredevil. Great.

Dan C said...

These Daredevil drawings are amazing, Chris. DD hasn't looked this cool since the Mazzuchelli days! Love your Black Tarantula designs, too.

I ordered a copy of the book from my favorite comic shop back in Arizona but it was already sold out, so I had to hit eBay for it... (I did manage to find a copy and it's on the way... can't WAIT to read it!)

Great job!


Momar Van Der Camp said...

Check out my review of it: