Tuesday, May 06, 2008


A while back I told you all that I'd be posting a number of commissions, but how about we post sketches from this past weekend's Oconocon and then we jump back into things? Sound good?
Okay then. Here's the Shade. Thanks again, Matt!


Anonymous said...

That is really impressive.

I dig your art a lot, but I especially appreciate pieces like this one that use negative space as part of the image.

I really hope I can make it to Heroes Con. If not, what other Cons are you doing this year? Is Chicago a possibility?

- Casali

Anonymous said...

this one turned out great chris! i love the stylized shadows in the background... it really reminds me of harris' work on the series. great stuff!


Chris Samnee said...

Thanks Casali and Andy.
I'll be hitting Chicago but won't have a table. I'll post something here soon about maybe meeting folks at the show for sketches though.