Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Heroes: Cyborg and Sasha

Well, we made it back safe and sound from Heroes Con, and another great time was had by Team Samnee (that's me and Laura;). Thanks so much to all the great folks who came by to chat, pick up sketches or have me sign some funnybooks. It was a real pleasure catching up with old friends and making new ones. I'm already looking forward to next time.
Starting today I'll be posting all of the sketches that I worked up before the show. If anyone has a scan of a sketch I did at the show I'd really appreciate you passing it along so I can stick it up here. Thanks again, everybody!


Momar Van Der Camp said...

That is one kickass Cyborg. Good work as always on everything and I wish I could have been in Charlotte this past weekend.

Anonymous said...

Chris -
Thank you again for the DD/Elektra and Spider-man Morbius, they rocked!! Can't wait till next year!
Nice meeting you!

Alan said...

Great poses.
BTW - bought and read Queen and Country: Operation Red Panda the other day. Wonderful stuff. The scenes were often beautifully paced, with silent meaningful beats between the dialogue. I don't know if this is your contribution or the writer's, but you certainly make the most of them with great character acting and facial expressions.

erica said...

Thanks for the amazing Cyborg and Sasha.

It was great chatting with you and Laura.

Till next time, best wishes!


Ron Salas said...

I really love that Cyborg. Love the pose and dramatic lighting. I love the use of lost lines and background feathering to emphasize the energy of his gun.
I wish I could have come to Heroescon. I would have definitely sought you out. Maybe next year.