Monday, December 01, 2008

Bat-Monday: So it begins...

I've been struggling for monsters to post here on Mondays, so today marks the start of Bat-Mondays.
A character, and family of characters, I never tire of drawing. They certainly have managed to sneak onto just about any scrap piece of paper I put pencil to.

This sketch was drawn from one of my top 3 favorite Batman films. Batman: Dead End was a short, fan-made film done to promote Sandy Collora's directing skills back in 2003.
In these 7 odd minutes you get a look at the most comic accurate interpretations of these characters ever committed to celluloid.

I hope nobody misses Monster Mondays too much, but I promise loads of fun Bat-stuff to take it's place here in the future.
Check back next Monday for a sketch of the Dead End version of the Joker :)


Alan said...

Ha, spooky. When I saw your drawing, it totally called to mind the shot from that film, which I saw a while back on YouTube

Bat-Monday is way more fun-sounding that Monster-Monday to me. Lookin forward

Matt W. said...

Great stuff, Chris! The ichory fluidity of Batman's cape is brilliant. A fitting homage to an exceptional short film.

Brian Jones said...

Love that short film...and the shot this drawing is based on is awesome! Bring on the Bat-Mondays! :)

samacleod said...

Awesome, love your Batman pieces.

Chris Samnee said...

Thanks a ton, everybody! Glad you're all cool with the new Monday theme so far. I've got plenty more where this came from.

Anonymous said...

And this one is mine. Mine! HaHaHaHa!

Um, yeah. Sorry.

Love this piece Chris.