Monday, August 03, 2009


Before we get into another long stretch of con sketches, this week we'll be back to our old tried-and-true daily themes:)
Try to keep up, okay?


Matt W. said...

Wow! It looks as though Batman's just been kicked in the gut and is about to unleash some unbridled fury on some poor ne'er-do-well's face. The rich, expressive folds on the fabric of Batman's cape is among your best to date. Look out Lee Bermejo!

Jim said...


I have five words for you:

Design. Next. Batman. Movie. Costume.

Ok, more words: I really wish that Batman's costume could look this cool on the big screen. Watched the first one (1989) last night, and I think that's as close as Warners ever got to a truly intimidating costume. Anyway, great work!

Eric! said...

This is what I find amazing. This character has been drawn in this pose by hundreds of artists, but this looks so good. You always find a way to make it interesting and fresh. Excellent.

Brian Jones said...

Great looking Batman...looks like someone is in for a beat down! Awesome inks and the cape folds are wonderful....When Bruce come back I hope your the one welcoming him back to Gotham!

Chris Samnee said...

Cheers Matt, Jim, Eric! Brian! You guys're swell :)