Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"Can you read my mind?"

Sure, I just posted a sketch of Supergirl yesterday... but everybody's week could stand have a bit more super in it - even this blog:)


Matt W. said...

Wow! That's some "sketch!" The gritty, frenetic details of the cityscape contrast starkly with the clean and graceful lines of Lois and Clark, which really augments the surreal calm that they both seem to be experiencing as they fly over the city. Great facial expressions and body language for both.

Eric! said...

Perfect. On another note as "cheesy" as that scene was in the movie you gotta give props to Superman for using the ol' "drop-you-so-when-I-catch-you,-you-hold-on-tight" move. Smooth.

Dan C said...

Beautiful drawing, Chris.

Craig Zablo said...

You captured a great moment, greatly... if that makes sense.

John D. Young said...

What about the best DC character with an Archives series... Superman's pal, Jimmy Olsen?
John D. Young

Chris Samnee said...

Matt: Always a pleasure to see your comments, sir. May be a bit more than a sketch but I had a good deal of fun playing around with the Metropolis skyline.

Eric!: That move is classy but not having Morgot Kidder sing that dialogue is even classier ;)

Dan: Thanks a lot:)

Craig: It totally makes sense, sir. Thanks!

John: Jimmy Olsen is actually on of my big dream projects! There'll be plenty of sketches of Superman's pal in the future.