Monday, October 26, 2009


One hundred and eighty-two? ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-TWO?!!!
Wow! Thanks so much for all of your entries! I had no idea we'd rack up so many great suggestions! Well... there may have been a stinker or two in there (you know who you are). For the most part you guys are great ;D

Anyway, today's big winner is entry #90, Ben Rawluk.

Congrats, Ben! Please send me your mailing address (my email is in my profile page) and I'll get the above sketch of Negative Man and Robot Man out to you ASAP.

Thanks again to all of you for another great contest!


Alan said...

That's a beauty, Chris! Congratulations, Ben!
Sigh, well I'm off to discover I didn't win the LunchNotes comp either ;-(

Vito. said...

Looks great as usual, and Ben is a lucky bastard!

Eric! said...

I DEMAND A RECOUNT!! Man that turned out great.....isn't that technically 3 characters and therefore is null and void. Alright, alright I accept the reality.

Craig Zablo said...

Congrats to Ben and thanks, as always to Chris for making his blog a daily delight!

Brian Jones said...

Congrats Ben and great job Chris!

Ben Rawluk said...

Wow! I'm so excited! Thank you so much. It looks fantastic.

Will email shortly.

Jim said...

That looks amazing! It's about time you did some Doom Patrol characters, Chris. Your style obviously flatters and embellishes their designs. Again, well done.

Doctor Fantastic said...

I'm going to cry, but it's going to be a "moved by beauty" cry, rather than an "I'm so jealous of Ben because this is the best Negative Man I've ever seen EVER" cry.