Thursday, October 22, 2009

HULK <3 butterfly

I think the title says it all:)

Also, the contest to win a sketch that started last week will be ending tomorrow (Oct 23rd) so be sure to get your entries/suggestions in before it's too late.


Ryan Cody said...

Most guys, like me tend to draw him just massively big, you captured all the power without going overboard on size.

Fred said...

Nice Frankenstein's monster feel to this piece. Also reminded me of a cool graphic novel I recently read entitled Bayou.

Craig Zablo said...

What Fred said. This is one of your all-around best ever.

Matt W. said...

Packed full with symbolism, this is such a clever depiction of ol' Jade Jaws. I agree with Ryan that the scale and proportionality of the Hulk in this piece is refreshing.

Mike Hawthorne said...

I love this, Chris!

I did an old piece years ago, that lead to a commission, of the Hulk with a little bird on his finger. Didn't work as well as this one, cause there's some actual menace in this. My Hulk came off like a puss ;)