Friday, October 30, 2009

Let the Right One In

Laura and I hardly get the free time to just sit down and watch a movie, normally Laura is paying bills or doing schoolwork and I'm propping my lap desk up to do a bit of inking while we "watch" an episode of Futurama or 30 Rock, but we took a few hours out of our day to watch Let the Right One In recently and both really enjoyed it.

Anyway, this sketch was done early this morning, weeks after seeing the movie. I just pulled up the trailer on my iPod and drew from the tiny little paused screen.

And for anyone wondering why I hardly ever post pencils with these blog sketches, here are the pencils to this sketch.

Also, here's Aunt May as a werewolf.
You're welcome.

Special thanks to Paul Tobin for inspiring this strange little doodle :)

Have a great Halloween, kids!!


Jeff Turnham said...

Werewolf Aunt May? Brilliant!

Jim said...

Awesome! I said "sweet" out loud after seeing your homage to the Swedish vampire flick, and I laughed out loud after seeing the carnivorous, predatory Aunt May. Thanks!

Doctor Fantastic said...

I sure did love "Let The Right One In," especially the pacing. Great sketch-- it has just the right amount of spooky!

Eric! said...

I'll have to pick up "Let the Right One In", always up for a good vampire flick. Do you always ink your own work? or inked over another artist?

Brian Jones said...

Aunt May looks pissed...and hungry! Nice one Chris!

I've had the DVD of "Let the right one in" for a couple weeks and this settles it....My Saturday Halloween night movie.

Alan said...

I'm amazed by guys like you and Sean Phillips who lay down fantastic inks over such loose pencils!

Alan said...

Aunt May looks very EC comics: Jack Davis or Crandell :)

mick statham said...

don't mess with the May.