Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I wonder why The Demon doesn't speak in rhyme anymore?
Maybe his writers found it to be a chore.
I suppose the readers could've told DC that it was a bore.
I for one crave more :D

Also, I've linked to these on my Twitter feed already but in case you missed 'em, or aren't on Twitter, here a few recent links of note:D
Brian Reed's Siege: Embedded interview for (w/ B&W preview pages from issue #2)


Mike Moran said...

Awesome! I wish this character got his own deserving and fun book again.

Kyle Latino said...

I can't wait for that to go the Etsy,
Maybe it on there, let see,

I need to buy it for my brother!
If you've already sold it, can you draw another?

Chris Samnee said...

Thanks Guys!

Kyle, Unfortunately this guy isn't getting sold and I probably won't be drawing him again anytime soon. Sorry.

Jason Folkes said...

I'm sure wherever "King" Kirby is... he has a big smile on his face!

Just a stellar job on The Mighty and Seige:Embedded.The Mighty was one of the best things i've come across in a long time.Thank You!

Parker said...

That is gorgeous!

Alan said...

Beautiful sketch. Little bit Kirby, little bit Starlin. All your brilliant lighting

Mike Oliveri said...

Isn't rhyming anymore? Man, give me a crack at him, I'll make him rhyme!

Brendan said...

I love what you're doing with the negative space. Inspiring!

Chris Samnee said...

Parker: Thanks a ton, sir. You're not half bad yourself... oh, the sketch?! Rad. Thanks:)

Cheers, Alan.

Mike, I'm disappointed that your comment didn't rhyme. I don't know if I could trust you with Etrigan ;P

Thanks, Brendan!

The Missinglink said...

Quoth raven "nevermore",
but I say many more.