Monday, January 04, 2010


Two-Face has always been my favorite Bat-villain but I was always the most creeped out by Man-Bat. Well... Man-Bat and Doctor Phosphorus may be tied actually. A guy with giant wings and big bat head versus a guy with flaming see through skin were both nightmare fuel for little Chris Samnee. Still love 'em both though :)
Okay, I'm gonna go watch the Batman The Animated Series episode On Leather Wings now and try not to hide under the covers too much.
Stay warm out there, kids.


marco's blog said...

awesome....that background is so dope!

Matt W. said...

Fearsome and elegant in its simplicity. That's a pretty darn horrific visual there, sir. Man-Bat's face and the implied speed from the etched-looking linework along M-B's legs are excellent. Here's hoping we see Dr. P sometime soon :).

Brian Jones said...

Great Man-bat! Keep those Bat villians coming....SKREEEE!!!