Wednesday, March 24, 2010


From time to time in the coming months, since some of my compositions here have gotten a bit stale of late, I'll be taking a cue from Sean Murphy and using the letters of the alphabet to help define positioning of whatever characters I decide to tackle on some upcoming sketches.
Sound good? Okay!!

Also, after a bit of Googling to make sure I was drawing Felicia's old costume correctly, I realized that there a LOT of really inappropriate interpretations of the character online. I mean, in the above sketch she's being a bit of a tease but yeesh!
Keep your safe search ON, kids.


Ryan Cody said...

I might buy a Spidey comic again if he looked this good all the time.

Fred said...

Love it...... reminds me that I need to send you my mailing address again. ;)

Jason Copland said...

Rockin', Chris!

Rich said...

Hey man, loving the blog.

I'm asking this of a bunch of different comic book artists, I have just completed a comic and am trying to decide if I should self publish it in print or put it out as a web comic. Which do you think is the better choice for a first project by an unknown like me?




Craig Zablo said...

Love it. You get an "A"

MARY said...


Alan said...

Fantastic. Wasn't there a great Keith Pollard/Sinnott run of Spidey featuring Black Cat?

Chris Samnee said...

Ryan: Have you seen the comics they're putting lately?!! Way better than anything I'm capable of. Thanks a bunch, though.

Fred: Haha! Thanks, sir.

Jason Copland: Thanks, Jason! \m/

Rich: Thanks!! As for where to publish a comic... I'd go with web comic. There's no financial investment whatsoever and you can get just as many, if not more, folks to take a look at it than if you were mailing out physical copies. Take my thoughts with a huge grain of salt though since I haven't done either personally.


Craig Zablo: Awesome! Best grade I've gotten in ages!!

MARY: Thanks a bunch, Mary! Saludos!

Alan: Thanks, Alan! Yeah, I think I just picked those up a show recently!! :) Great stuff!

Brian said...

I give it an A+