Friday, October 05, 2007

pre MO-KAN: GLs v Parallax

Before Brian "Falcon" Hurtt and I headed out to the MO-KAN show this past weekend we did a mash-up commission together, of which you can see my breakdowns above, and you can see Brian's finishes here.
We were contacted to collaborate on a commission, but since I have so little spare time of late, we worked it out so I would just do breakdowns and Brian would handle inks and a grey wash.
Brian did a couple of thumbnail sketches as a starting point, I picked the one I liked the best, and jumped into pencilling the thing, tweaking poses and such as I went to make a not-so-subtle "C" shape composition that starts with Kilowog's face and hand, continues through Alan Scott and Kyle Rayner's arms, through to Parallax's cape, up to his hand, twists around his chest-symbol and back out to the GLs... I think.
I drew through all the characters to hopefully make it easier on Brian (even though I think it ended up making it even harder), made a quick scan, and then went back in with all of the costume details, made one final scan and sent it off to B-Rock where he did his magic.
I'm really proud of this piece. Brian and I have worked on things before but we just split chores on characters and it was like each of us had drawn in our respective styles on either side of the paper. With this it was wild to see our styles mix with one another. My poses with the Big Hurtt's's like a whole new animal. Easily one of my favorite commission pieces I've worked on, and I barely did any of the heavy lifting :)
Be sure to check Brian's blog so you can get the full effect of this senses shattering blog crossover event, okay?


mellon said...

hey chris, it was good meeting you in KC.

come by and say hi sometime.


Doctor Fantastic said...

It's a whole new animal, and as Steve Irwin would have said, "It's a beautiful creature!"

Chris Samnee said...

Thanks for stoppin' by, Kevin. Good to meet you too!

Hey Doc. Steve Irwin? Co-creator of Checkmate?

Just kiddin'.