Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Books I'd Kill to Draw: Atari Force

Today we have Pakrat and Morphea from Atari Force. Yes, that Atari, which is probably the reason this comic will never again see the light of day. I'd kill to draw this book, but I'd also kill just to get a collection of the series. Most of my copies are dog-eared, and a few of them have chocolate pudding stains inside. I promise not to eat anything while reading if someone would be kind enough to put out a nice collection though. Super-swear.

I've previously posted about Atari Force before here, with a sketch of Babe.


Mike Oliveri said...

The old console may be long gone, but the company is still around making video games. Never say never!

Momar Van Der Camp said...

Pudding stains? Man I used to love when I was a kid reading comics and getting stuff all over them. Miss those days.

Chris Samnee said...

Really, Mike? I had no idea they were still around. Guess I should play more video games like the cool kids.
Miss those days?! With a name like Dirty Man I figured you'd be getting stuff on everything, not just your comics;P