Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Super Tuesday

It had to happen, right? Superman for Super Tuesday? I've got it out of my system now though, so I'll be sure to have a bit more varied assortment of the super folks in the future:)

In a strange coincidence I just got this link to Ordinary People Change the World. Com in my email this morning, concerning the current state of the home where Superman was created. Thousands of people go to Metropolis, Illinois every year, but isn't it about time that Jerry Siegel's home, the true birthplace of Superman, was considered a landmark?

Be sure to go to the link above to bid on an item, pick yourself up a snazzy shirt or donate to the Siegel and Shuster Society.


Alan said...

Love it. Bit of Shuster, bit of Fleisher. You always go classic. Lotsa Samnee

Ron Salas said...

That is a great Superman. I agree with Alan in that it has a really cool traditional look. I love how solid the guy looks. You can just tell punching him is like punching a hunk of lead.