Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whatever Wednesday: Supes & Bats in pencil

Did this in a few minutes last night between pencilled pages of Devil Slayer #4.
I'll try to get some ink on it soon and stick it back up here.


Alan said...

Phew, I wouldn't dare lay ink on pencils this loose

Anonymous said...

very nice, got any Superman/Batman projects coming up? If not, you should..


Fred said...

Wow, impressive.... but your Vulture piece is still haunting me.

Brian Jones said...

Cant wait for this one. Love the pose choice for both...Truly a Worlds Finest piece in the making!

Chris Samnee said...

What the?!
Just when I think I've got you folks pegged I get four comments on something that took me two minutes?
You all be crazy;P

Alan: These are actually no tighter than the pencils to anything I post here regularly. I actually prefer to do most of my drawing in ink. And really there's nothing to be nervous about in doing so. I mean, if I screw up what's the worst that could happen? I out a sheet of paper?

JWGAV: No plans as of yet. Unless you know something I dont:)

Fred: Glad ya dig it. That Vulture piece won't be haunting ME anymore. He found a good home just the other day:)

Brian Jones: Thanks, sir. I just finished inkin' it between pages last night. I probably stick it up here next Tuesday,