Friday, April 24, 2009

ACME Free Comic Book Day: print process

Here are the thumbnail sketches for the print that I mentioned last week for FCBD at Acme Comics.

Next, we have the really rough pencils.

the finished inks...

which would normally be where I'd call it quits, but it was decided early on to add a splash of color on this piece so...
Here are my first few stabs at colors, done with prismacolor markers, as I tried to figure out which bits to color red without it all bleeding together.

For the finished piece be sure to come on out to Acme Comics and pick yourself up a copy of the print!
Have a great weekend, folks.


Matt W. said...

I like all of the thumbnail ideas you came up with, but the street lamp illumination idea is a clear winner. I'm glad you opted to go in that direction. Your use of red really gives this pinup a lot of pop. Did you decide on which characters to use, or did ACME request Batwoman and Spider-woman? They work really well together visually. Very strong stuff, sir.

Eric Trautmann said...

Excellent work, as always, Chris.

-Eric T.

Patman said...

Chris, just glad to see that you'll be making it to Heroes Con after all! I'll have to think of a duo for you to do for me if I'm lucky to get on your list.