Friday, October 23, 2009

Norman & sketch contest ending!!

Only time for a quick one today, I'm afraid. Just trying to figure out my take on Norman Osborn and his rather infamous hairstyle, before I get cracking on Siege: Embedded.

Also, the contest to win a sketch ENDS TONIGHT!! (Oct 23rd) Be sure to get your entries/suggestions in before 11:59 Pm (central).

This is a call for all lurkers to DE-LURK!
All you have to do is name a character or two that you'd like to own a drawing of, which takes all of a minute or so to type, and you've gotten yourself a chance to get it FOR FREE!! Simple as that. Spread the word, alright? Thanks, everybody, and best of luck!!!

Entries left on this post WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE
To enter please go HERE.


Jason W. Gavin said...

I would really love to see more sketches that would fall under the label of "rad hair."

Some suggestions, Speedball, Slapstick, Black Lightning (70's version).

Jeremy Mace said...

OK - Fine. I will "de-lurk".

Chris - you do incredible work. I would love to see more Jonny Quest stuff as well as any other Alex Toth-inspired art. You guys really have the same type of ink work.

yadgirl said...

I'd like one of John Cusack and one of Sean Penn.

Matt W. said...

You've managed to add a sense of realism to that crazy 'do, and as always, to create a compellingly expressive face. I'm looking forward to seeing you go hogwild in Siege: Embedded.

Fred said...

This Norman is spot-on. It had an incredibly "classic" look to it, immediately giving one a sense that there is a long-standing history of the character.... and a bit of a Ditko vibe which, ya know, ain't a bad thing. ;)