Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Answer

If you're unfamiliar with the above character... don't worry, I wont' take away any of your geek cred points since he's not in print yet. It's Mike Norton's The Answer!!

Be sure to keep your ear to the ground for rumblings of when this yarn, written by Dennis Hopeless & pencilled AND inked by Mike, finds it's publisher and decides to land on planet Earth to destroy all of humanity with it's powers of super-greatness.

Over selling a bit? Nope. Not at all:)

Have a great day, kids. Talk to you all tomorrow.


Kyle T. Webster said...

Wow - the design of this piece is killer. Nice work, Chris!

Jason W. Gavin said...

He may be the answer, but I don't think I remember what the question was!

Alan said...

Agree about great design. You see the figure, even though a lot is enveloped in black. Cool

Matt W. said...

This is a very cool character design by Mike, and you've shown it off to great effect by playing up the black-on-white motif, as The Answer bleeds in and out of the shadows. The use of the exclamation point spotlight is really clever, perpetuating the design motif. Dennis and Mike would be wise to hit you up for this image as a cover to their upcoming series. Maybe a variant?


I like it!