Monday, December 07, 2009


Just a a little warning to get the week started.
If you ever hear me say that I'm sick of drawing Batman BEWARE!!
There's a good chance if you hear me utter those words that I may have been replaced by an inferior robot duplicate of myself... or possibly an alien wearing my skin.
Just a heads-up.
Okay, now back to your Monday routine. I'll see you all back here tomorrow.


Brian said...

I can see why, he's right in your wheelhouse.

I love the city scape in the background as well.

Alan said...

Your Batman never fails to astound. Even better in the flesh/ink. I say again, if they ever do another Batman black and white volume, you gotta get in there.

Matt W. said...

Let me counter your warning with a warning of my own. If I ever get tired of SEEING your Batman, then there is a good possibility that I've been replaced by a robot drone as well. You do something a little different with the presentation and cape dynamic each time, and I really enjoy seeing the nuances of each rendition. Great work, Chris!

Brian Jones said...

Samnee a Skrull?! Say it aint so! Another great Batman, I'm glad you enjoy drawing the Bat cause I sure hope you take us for plenty more trips into Gotham.

MARY said...

And I´m never sick of seeing your Batman. IT´S AWESOME!!!!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Dude, you're such a fantastic fit for this. You're made for it!