Friday, December 18, 2009


Above is the art that'll be on the flyers for my upcoming signing at my local comic book store The Fantasy Shop (South County, MO Jan 6. from 4-7).
This ended up being a nice transition, from The Mighty to my current full-time gig of Siege: Embedded, to have both Alpha One and Volstagg on one sheet of paper.

Also, the final issue of The Mighty and the first issue of Siege:Embedded go on sale the same day. How's that for great timing?!

Anyway, have a great weekend, gang. See you all back here next week!


Momar Van Der Camp said...

That day will be a Chris-Stravaganza!

Nice overlap too. One ends, another begins.

Matthew Wilson said...

Hoorah for Siege: Embedded!

Matt W. said...

While I'm very excited about Siege: Embedded, I'm going to truly miss The Mighty. It was my first read in the pile each time it came out. You were able to design some really impressive and memorable scenes, and while the story has been superb, it wouldn't have had the same impact without your strong sense of storytelling. I've been talking it up to anyone whom will listen.

Alan said...

Perfect tone set for a flyer. Something a tad Steve Rude about the Volstagg. Cool piece