Tuesday, December 29, 2009

HAWKEYE (Shh. It's really Bullseye)

Okay, I'm sure there a ton of folks who could explain this better but... currently in the Marvel Universe there's a group of villains that have teamed up under the leadership of Norman Osborn (The former Green Goblin/current Iron Patriot) who have disguised themselves as members of The Avengers. They call themselves The Dark Avengers. Still following?
Anyway, the Daredevil baddie Bullseye is now dressing up as Hawkeye.
That's what you see above. Well, my first attempt at drawing him anyway:)


Alan said...

Clever: he looks very Bullseye even with the costume.

You do nice rock formations too.

Hands holding a bow: tough to draw. I salute you

Jason Folkes said...

This just makes my mouth water, waiting for the first issue of Siege to come out.Just an unbelivable beaut of a sketch.
Have to agree with Alan you nailed the Bullseye face,very nice sir.

Brian said...

Very dramatic uplighting.

Matt W. said...

You've really managed to capture Bullseye's arrogant disregard in his facial features. The posing and costume work are just fantastic! He's the anti-Robin Hood.

Anonymous said...

I'm just gonna echo what everyone else is saying...you can totally see Bullseye underneath the mask. Amazing work.

Momar Van Der Camp said...

So when can we expect a Marvel exclusive for you? Someone better snap you up to an exclusive soon, just jesus this is good stuff. If you guys haven't bought his sketchbook, BUY IT!