Thursday, December 03, 2009


Found myself wanting to sketch Iron Man the other day... but after digging through page after page of reference lately, in an attempt to keep the Iron Patriot's armor on model, I decided to play this doodle of ol' Tony Stark fast and loose. Keeping him in his old suit meant the only reference I needed was what I had rattling around in my ol' noggin'.

I was shooting for George Tuska with this one... but it ended up turning out more along the lines of something Eric Canete might do. Not to compare myself with either of these guys, mind you.

Some days you just gotta go where the art takes ya though.

Also, The Mighty #11 hits stands today!! Here's a link to a 5 page preview over at CBR to whet your appetite until you can make it out to your LCS :)


Matt W. said...

I think it really has a nice kinetic flow to it. It definitely resonates with a Canete-like vibe (which is a great thing to achieve), but the stylistic sensibility is a nice blend. Your instincts really led you in the right direction with this one.

Dark Wizard said...

awesome pose

Dark Wizard said...

PS - I'd love to see you draw up a bloodied up Marv

Unknown said...

Love the circle design going on here! Great use of black and the perspective on the right hand is a nice touch!

Bravo! ;)

MARY said...

I love your Iron Man more, It´s great ;D