Monday, July 21, 2008


In case you were wondering, yeah I saw Dark Knight yesterday... I'll tell ya all about it later:) Until then here's a Colossus sketch for ya until I've got the time to rave about movies.

Hope your week starts out on the right foot. My right foot stepped on a dead frog in the carport this morning! I need a cup of coffee.


Anonymous said...

I'll be interested in hearing your thoughts on the Dark Knight, I saw it on Saturday and have found myself in the minority in opinion.


Chris Samnee said...

Hrrm. I'm afraid I won't be very good company then.

Alan said...

I am dying to see DK! It's just opened here in UK so I need to bide my time so as not to be surrounded by noisy popcorn eating infants.
Nice Colossus btw