Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hereoes: Secret Invasion Hawkeye and DD

Here are a couple more sketches on those blank Secret Invasion covers. Unfortunately the ink I used on these two was different from the last time, so I wasn't able to erase all of the pencils without taking the majority of ink off the page with 'em. At least now I know what NOT to use next time.
Also, there's a short piece up at Newsarama about Pulp Tales with a bit more preview artwork than has made it out on the internets before. Great lookin' stuff, and apparently Boom! will have a limited number of copies up for grabs at the San Diego Comic-Con if you haven't already ordered yours.


Alan said...

These prompt me to say that it'd be great to your pencils every once in a while - perhaps before and after inks...?
Sean phillips does this at his blog and gets constant and deserved 'oohhs and ahhs' about how well he works from really loose pencils. Looks like your pencils are pretty loose too

Chris Samnee said...

You know I just might do that a bit more It's just that my pencils are so rough nowadays I kind of feel like the finished product is the only thing really worth seeing.
We'll see...