Friday, July 11, 2008

Heroes: Big Boss and Mister Terrific

The sketch up top is of "Big Boss" (from a video game I'm ashamed to say I've forgotten the title of again) and below is Mister Terrific whose power (aside from the only one that I was aware of, which is his T mask that makes him invisible to cameras or computers or something...) is that "he's better than you.":)


Anonymous said...

I haven't played one in quite some time, but Big Boss is from the Metal Gear series.

Great sketches, as always!

Unknown said...

It's from "Metal Gear Solid" ;-) That sketch is now proudly framed! The people at the framing shop wer eblown away by it, especially your use of negative space. Great stuff!

Terence said...

Chris!!! Hey it's Terence, #1Mister Terrific fan and proud owner of the piece shown above! Here's a link to his wiki page:

Come on dude...14 PhDs? Gold medal Olympic Decathlete? Self made millionaire? 3rd smartest man in the DCU?

Yeah i'd describe his power as generally being better than you. And by you, I mean anyone :)

Chris Samnee said...

HA HA! Thanks a ton everybody!!