Thursday, August 07, 2008

Books I'd Kill to Draw: The Shadow


Momar Van Der Camp said...


All kinds of awesome. Perfectly suited for this character with your strong use of blacks and shadows.

Are you influenced by the work of Mazzuchelli at all? It seems like some of your older stuff was Wieringo influenced and the more recent stuff is Mazz.

Maybe I'm wrong, but hey, I dig both artists, and am actively looking forward to Devil Slayer.

Dan C said...

N-i-c-e! By the way, you ever see those old Shadow daily strips that Vernon Greene drew? I bet you'd love 'em...

Being the huge pulp fan I am, I'd be thrilled to see someone throw you a monthly Shadow book. Does Dark Hose still hold the rights to the character, these days?

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris-

I know you aren't accepting commissions, but would you be interested in selling any of these sketches?

Alan said...

Perfect rendition.

Chris Samnee said...

Dirty, I'm a HUGE fan of Mazzucchelli! He's probably one of my most obvious influences along with Milton Caniff.
Which older stuff do you mean? I really love Wieringo's work, but I don't know that my stuff has ever favored his really. Maybe back in '04... I dunno.
Thanks, Dan. I wasn't familiar with Vernon Green but you my tastes right on the nose. This stuff is right up my alley.
Hey Anonymous! Yeah, a few have already. Some are some aren't. Not much help is it. Drop me a line if there's something that strikes your fancy.
Big thanks, Alan!