Thursday, November 06, 2008

Super...Thursday?! Supes & Bats inks

Above are the inks to the post from last Wednesday.

I meant to get something colored up here today. I just haven't managed to find the time to color anything lately.

Maybe next week, okay?


Dan C said...

Hey, did you hear that?
It's the sound of my jaw smacking the floor.

Amazing illustration. Composition, use of black, linework, everything... how you manage to put out a high-quality monthly book AND come up with drawings as cool as this I'll never know.

Really nice job, Chris.

Chris Samnee said...

Thanks a ton, Dan.

A combination of little-to-no sleep, lots of coffee and a wife with a seemingly infinite amount of patience has been my recipe of late.

Nice people like yourself, who can give me a back on the back through the wonders of the internet, go a long way too.

Thanks again.

Brian Jones said...

You brought out the best of each if you ask me. Superman looks noble and powerful, while Batman looks dark and ready to pounce! Worlds Finest all the way Chris!

Seth said...

I agree with Brian: World's Finest.
If I were you I'd make some prints of that one, but DC may not allow that. On a related note, have you seen adds for the new Batman team-up cartoon? It has Plastic Man!

Alan said...

Wow! Just went back to look at the original pencils for this, to get the full sense of how much you added with the inks. The blacks on this are perfect. I especially love the way you've suggested the distinctive kind of crease the fabric Batman's cape makes. And there's a lovely Rude-espque classic simplicity to Supes.

Keep on keeping on - and thanks for brightening our days with posts even when you're under the deadline pressure.

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing, the way you take a white page, put a few pencils on it and then put a lot of black on it and it turns out amazing!!
Look forward to seeing you on the convention circuit next year (hopefully)!

Chris Samnee said...

Thanks a ton, Brain, Seth, Alan and Jwgav.
Brian: I hope you dig it just as much when it reaches you.
Seth: I couldn't be more excited about the Brave and the Bold show. It's just what I need to level out the darkness of the past two Batman films.
Alan:Thanks again. Rude comparisons make me blush.
Jwgav:I was almost afraid the black had taken over on this sketch. Glad to hear from you all that it still works.