Friday, January 23, 2009

Kick Ass Females: Huntress

And with this sketch of the Huntress Kick Ass Females week comes to an end. Thanks again to Erica for a great suggestion and thanks to all of you out there who entered.

Be sure to check back on Monday for the announcement of the next winner and the new theme.


erica said...

Not only is The Huntress an ass kicker, she's a name taker!

Love your creative choices with this one. It's clear she's about to throw down!!

I also like that her costume's a good mix of the Jim Lee/Ed Benes and the JLU animated series!!!

Thanks for treating your fans to a great week of Kick Ass Females!!!!


Anonymous said...

Excellent week! Great image.

Matt W. said...

The geometric motifs in this piece are amazing. Between her legwear, the cityscape, the gargoyle in shadow, and the intriguing shape of her cape, this is a kick-ass visual feast! Way to go out with a bang, sir!

Alan said...

Great image. Very stylised and bold.

Impressive week. Well done erica on the theme

erica said...

Thanks Alan!

I need to give a big thanks to Brian Jones, who knows what a big time Chris fan I am and who brought to my attention the contest!!

I'm already looking forward to next weeks theme and winner!!!

Justin said...

Excellent week with excellent work. I am so ready for the weeks to follow, this has been a treat. Thanks to Erica as well.

Patman said...

Huntress is one of my favorite characters, and this sketch is mucho appreciated.

Ryan Schrodt said...

A very awesome way to close off a very awesome week! Big kudos to Erica for her "kick ass" idea. I can't wait to see what Chris brings out next!