Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kick Ass Females: Ultimate Storm

Hm. This has really turned out to be a week of firsts. The first time we've had a crazy contest like this, my first time drawing X-23, my first time drawing the character you'll see posted here tomorrow and my first crack at the Ultimate version of Storm you see above.
I've drawn Storm before of course, usually the mohawk version, but never tried my hand at this latest incarnation. I may have gotten a little carried away with the electricity effect but in the end I think it works as a different type of light source than you normally see in these blog sketches


Dan C said...


Love the electricity effect and the way you rendered her hair, too. Very striking visual (I'd actually read Ultimate X-Men if the characters were drawn this well)


Alan said...

You knocked this one outta the park. Best of the theme so far.

Anonymous said...

i grew up on the x-men and i must say...This is the best i have seen storm i'll go pick my jaw up off the floor...awesome

Matt W. said...

Your bold inks are ideal for bringing Storm and her power over the elements to life. After seeing this piece and the Thor vs. Hulk commission you did, I have to say that you have a unique gift for portraying lightning with an ominous effect. Kudos!

Brian Jones said...

Awesome Storm!