Monday, January 26, 2009

Western Week: Bat Lash

This week's winner of the Name a Theme Week Contest with Western Week is Fred!
Be sure to check back each day this week for another rootin' tootin' Western comic character!!


Alan said...

Cool theme partly because it's rare that we've scene it from you. Well done, Fred

This one is great, which bodes well for this week.

Fred said...

Yes! I'm certainly pleased to have my theme chosen, but moreso because I see some incredible possiblities here for you! This was the theme that stood out foremost in my mind as being very complimentary for your pen. You'd be amazing on an issue of Jonah Hex! Are you out there watching, DC?

Ryan Schrodt said...

Great theme choice, Fred! If this first piece is any indication, we are in for another awesome week.

Great work as always Chris!

Matt W. said...

You got everything right on this one, Chris. The theme and the characterization are spot-on. Congrats, Fred!

erica said...

I LOVE Westerns, "The Magnificent Seven" with Yul Brynner being my favorite. I'm not VERY familiar with Western comics.


GREAT idea Fred. Congrats!!

AMAZING sketch Chris!!!

Justin said...

This week is going to make me very happy.

Brian Jones said...

Yippie tie yay! Very nice...any chance we could see some "man with no name"?