Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Super Tuesday: Wolverine

Is anyone else out there ready for the long awaited return of Logan's brown costume? I mean the yellow and blue is fine I guess, but does anyone actually prefer it?

Hm.. it appears that Wolverine's son(?!) Daken is now wearing this costume. Huh. There you have it. Never mind. As you were.


Matt W. said...

I'm with you, Chris; the brown costume is far superior. I'm glad to see that Logan still gets to enjoy a cigar sometimes :). Your proportionality on Wolverine is more in line wth what I envision rather than the more svelte version that's seems to be portrayed in many of the comics these days.

Anonymous said...

I um....er....perfer the yellow... I think it was due to having discovered X-men during Byrne's run and having the Perez annual at that time as well. I like the brown, but when I think of my favorite Wolverine stories he's in yellow. The Hellfire Club beat down, the Savage Land issues etc.

Craig Zablo said...

I like yer Wolverine, bub.

Brian Jones said...

I like both suits..but felt a bright yellow suit wouldnt help Logan in the stealth department...but then he is the best at what he does!