Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things You Need Thursday: Golden Age Sandman

I was asked to do a commission of the Golden Age Sandman a while back, but I wanted to make sure I could handle the character before I decided whether or not to take it on.  I just tried to imagine Alex Toth's the Fox, and everything sort of fell in to place.
We ended up going with a different subject for the final commission but I had a lot of fun with this sketch though.

By the way, the latest Sandman: Mystery Theatre just came out a few weeks back. You picked it up already though, right? Right?!


Dan C said...

Wow. Brilliant illustration. There just aren't enough superlative adjectives to describe it.

This has got to be one of the coolest drawings of the Golden Age Sandman I've ever seen, up there with that one painted cover by Matt Wagner and some of the best panels by Bert Christman,Guy Davis and John Watkiss. You really outdid yourself, Chris.


Dan C said...

By the way, is this for sale?
Because if it is, I know a guy who would very, very much like to give you money for it. Today, even...

Alan said...

I concur. Very successful.Love the billowing coat and the big lapel catching the light

Chris Samnee said...

Thanks, guys.
Drop me an email, Dan. My address is in my profile page.

Matt W. said...

A truly inspired character study, Chris. The Golden Age Sandman has one of the coolest "costumes" in the DCU, and you've really played it up with your use of shadows and light, especially on the trenchcoat and gas mask. Very pulpy noir.