Friday, March 13, 2009

(my) Gal Friday: Lulu

I sketched this really quickly on the back of one of my comic pages the other night while Laura was just cracking open a new book to start reading.
I had to sketch it quick, and forgo running to my office for a fresh sheet of paper, because I wanted to be able to capture the wonderful almost posed look she was rockin' and didn't want her to be conscious of the fact that I was sketching her. She just looked so beautiful and smart that I had to try to get just a bit of that down on paper.

I don't think I pulled off half of what I saw though. I definitely need to do a bit more life drawing nowadays. I'm starting to think I've got more than a few muscles that aren't being stretched much of late.

Have a great weekend, folks. Be sure to check back on Monday for something a little different, yeah?


Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful drawing. it's clear to see she's your muse. :-)

-andy v.

Alan said...

That feeling of not having captured everything you see and feel in a life study is very familar. This is a lovely study, though. Maybe if you'd had more time you coulda thrown a bit of shadow etc on it. The proportions look spot on and the face very expressive.

I love Sean Phillips's life drawings, on his blog, don't you?!

Matt W. said...

I agree with Alan and Andrew on this one, Chris. I think the simplicity and quasi-unpolished look of the sketch leaves it some room to breath and allows the viewer to see it for what it was, a tribute to your partner in crime. I think Andrew put it best, when he called her your "muse." All the info is there for the grasping.

Justin said...

So awesome!

Patman said...

I can totally commiserate on the frantic pace of drawing from life because I take a weekly Tuesday figure drawing class, and it's always such a race to get something down with the 2, 5, 15 and 20 minute poses in my class.

Brian Jones said...

Very nice and if you do more life studies I hope you share on the blog. Have a great weekend.