Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heroes Con: Logan & Kitty

This sketch was the prize for the Hero Initiative raffle Laura and I had at our table at Heroes Con. Congrats again to Ben, who snagged this piece, and a big thanks to all of you who entered. Hero is a great cause and I'm really happy that, with everyone's help, we were able to help collect a donation during the show.

Just a reminder, I'll be out at Wizard World Chicago August 6-9 and I still have room on my pre-order sketch list. If you'd like to have a sketch worked up for your before the show all the info is right here.


Matt W. said...

This is, indeed, a great piece for a great cause. The vertical offset between the two characters is a nice touch, and the heavy shadows are well placed and really enhance the mood of the piece. It has a cool espionage flavor to it. Great costume choices and execution for both Wolverine and Shadowcat. Great stuff, Chris!

Luke said...

You draw pretty, and the Hero Initiative rules!