Friday, August 01, 2008

Books I'd Kill to Draw: Airboy

Well, I don't know that I'd actually have to kill anybody to do this one. I think all the Airboy characters are public domain nowadays but I could be mistaken.
In any case, I think it'd be a real blast to draw Airboy's plane (that had flapping wings!) and all the colorful characters in that book. I can't vouch for the golden-age tales, but if you've never read any of the issues Chuck Dixon did for Eclipse back in the 80's you're really missing out.
Above we have Airboy and the Heap, since I didn't feel like digging around for reference for Airboy's plane "Birdie". Yeah, I'm lazy:)

Have a great weekend, folks!


Alan said...

Another one straight outta the park!

Momar Van Der Camp said...

Wasn't Heap in one of Todd McFarlane's Spawn issues? Didn't he buy the rights to most if not all of the Airboy characters at one point, just like he did with everything else. I seem to remember Heap appearing in an issue of Spawn that royally pissed me off (I think he was made of garbage and was a dead bum or something, and Wikipedia confirms it). Also, pretty sure you'd have to Thunderdome at least one other person to have the ability to draw those characters.

And finally, not to break your heart:

Moonstone has the rights now. Sorry bub. Maybe you can steal it from them in the Thunderdome? But I hear Chuck Dixon is a wily one.

Chris Samnee said...

Thanks, Alan! With stuff I love I'm aiming for the fences:)
Wow, Dirty. You really did your research! Yeah, looks like you're right about the McFarlane thing. Maybe I should've checked out the Wikipedia entry first. I'm really looking forward to some new Dixon written Airboy tales at Moonstone. I'll be sure to track those down.

Dan C said...

Fantastic drawing. It's like seeing Noel Sickles inks over Alex Raymond's pencils.

All that's missing is the Valkyrie! (and maybe Skywolf)

Can't wait to see more of these...

Steve Bryant said...

Wow. The "Books I'd Kill to Draw" series is producing some of my favorite stuff from you.

I think I'd kill to see you draw Airboy, too!

Chris Samnee said...

Sickles and Raymond?!! Dan, you're my new best friend:)
Thanks so much.

Big Big thanks, Steve. I kind of figured you'd be a fan of the book. Thanks a ton!

Keep up all the great work, you guys!!