Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heroes Con: The Demon and Cloak & Dagger

As of yesterday, I have started taking pre-orders for con sketches for Wizard World Chicago. Get on the sketch list early and skip those pesky early morning con lines, kids!


Patman said...

In lieu of Wednesday Comics, it'd be interesting to see you tackle Catwoman and the Demon.

Matt W. said...

Etrigan's one of my favorites, and you've managed to capture all of his supernatural gravitas. Great Cloak and Dagger piece also.

Karen said...

They are both perfect! Thanks again, we love them.

Chris Samnee said...

Pat: Thanks, but Stelfreeze is doing such a wonderful job I don't think I could measure up. I'd love to be attached to Wednesday Comics in any capacity though. What a wonderful package.

Matt: Thanksabunch! Kirby came up with such a great visual for the Demon it's hard not to have fun drawingn him

Karen: Thanks for all the support. You guys are great:)