Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is 2009 over already?!!

And here is my last sketch of 2009. This has been a crazy, hectic, stressful and exciting year for me and my career... and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Thanks so much to all of you who've been following the blog and leaving comments. Working as much as I do it's easy to feel like I'm stuck in a vacuum. The comments are a great reminder that there are so many great folks out there digging what I'm doing.
Hope you've all had a swell '09. All the best to you and yours in the New Year.
Be safe out there tonight.


Matt W. said...

Batman's body language says it all. Hilarious! Thanks for making each day just a little more enjoyable with all of your cool sketches and your amusing and insightful commentaries. May 2010 bring you even more success and adventure.

MARY said...

I wish you the same!!! Have a happy new year and be happy ;)

Brian Jones said...

Great way to end the 2009 blog post with some BATMITE ;)A fun piece and thanks to both you and Laura for 2 wonderful blogs that help me get through the work day.
Heres to 2010 and bigger and better things for all of us...Cheers!

Craig Zablo said...

Thank YOU and your wife for the cool contests and regular blog posts. May 2010 bring you all that you both desire!

Jason Folkes said...

Happy new year! Thank you for all you do!
I hope 2010 brings many good things to you and your fam!
Just can't wait to see what you put out next!

Dan said...

Happy fresh 365. I'm picturing the stack of projects you will have wowed us with by the end of '10. Just make sure you leave some open hands in a few blog sketches so that I might talk you into adding a bowl of cereal in one or two by the time HeroesCon rolls around =D.

JM Stump said...

I wish I could own this, I love Batmite.